KIX South Sudan National Policy Dialogue

June 13 2023 08:30 am - 05:00 pm CAT
Juba, South Sudan
Event flyer
Credit: KIX Africa 19 Hub

The Global Partnership for Education Knowledge and Innovation Exchange (KIX) South Sudan National Policy Dialogue will take place both in-person and virtually in Juba, South Sudan, on June 13, 2023. Despite significant progress in improving its education system, South Sudan still faces significant difficulties in ensuring that its children have equal access to and benefit from education. In particular, South Sudanese policymakers have been trying to address the country’s low enrolment and completion rate, high out-of-school rate, and shortage of qualified teachers.

To overcome these challenges, this dialogue will bring together more than 70 educational stakeholders and enhance their understanding of the role and functions of the hub and its potential to improve the education system in South Sudan. The meeting will focus on two KIX thematic areas: teaching and learning and inclusive education - leaving no one behind.

Specifically, this meeting aims to:

  1. Deliberate on the role, platform and potential of the KIX Africa Hub in strengthening South Sudan’s national education system in two of the KIX themes: improving teaching and learning; and inclusive education - leaving no one behind; 
  2. Identify, map, and synthesize existing knowledge, practices, and priorities;
  3. Provide a platform for local education group members and researchers to present their evidence, interests, and policy recommendations; and
  4. Through a call to action, document the meeting outcomes, which will define policy priorities and challenges.