KIX EAP Webinar “Data that speaks, school reforms that follow”

May 31 2022 01:00 pm - 02:30 pm CEST
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The 13th KIX EAP Webinar will take place on 31 May 2022 (13:00 CEST). The webinar will deal with foundational learning in schools. It will illustrate how data has been used in some countries in the EAP region to understand (i) what the root causes are for poor student performance and (ii) what we can learn from those schools that are doing exceptionally well despite being resource-poor.

The webinar is organised by NORRAG in collaboration with two GPE KIX grantees:

The webinar will be conducted in English with interpretation into Russian and Arabic.

KIX EAP Webinar 13 “Data that speaks, school reforms that follow” from NORRAG NETWORK on Vimeo.

The webinar will feature three presentations. First, Dr. Peggy Kelly will present findings from a recent UNICEF report: Are Children Really Learning? that explores the depths of the learning crisis, and how the pandemic has escalated the crisis to new heights. The presentation will examine the factors that drive inequalities in learning, and highlight the need for improved quality in education, especially for the most vulnerable children. Erin Tanner will then showcase research, on-the-ground efforts, and lessons learned in tackling the learning crisis in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic in East Asia and the Pacific, with a focus on KIX countries.

Finally, Ieva Raudonytė, Education Researcher, Data Must Speak (DMS), in her presentation on the DMS Positive Deviance Research, will shed light on how this research leverages national administrative datasets together with ministry of education partners to analyse factors affecting learning and identify positive deviant schools (i.e., those performing better than others in similar contexts). She will also present in detail the DMS experience in Nepal to illustrate how this happened in practice and how preliminary results informed the analysis of education challenges and policy discussions.

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