KIX Africa 19 Hub Secretariat’s Community of Practice in Competency-Based Education and Curricula

June 02 2022 02:00 pm - July 28 2022 04:00 pm EAT

In this community of practice (CoP), the KIX Africa 19 Secretariat aims to strengthen the capacities of participating policymakers to implement reforms in competency-based education (CBE) in their national education systems or teacher education institutes.

In July and August 2021, the Secretariat facilitated a CoP in CBE for more than 30 national policymakers and curriculum developers from 13 Sub-Saharan African GPE countries (Event Highlights: KIX Africa 19 hub workshop on scaling innovations with Teaching at the Right Level and Worldreader Ghana | GPEKIX). The community of practice featured six capacity-strengthening and knowledge-sharing virtual workshops on topics of interest identified by policymakers: the realities of implementing competency-based curriculum and 21st century skill development, scaling the Teaching at the Right Level approach; and innovation in teacher professional development.

Participants in this 2021 CoP indicated that their learning experience was a positive one. 57 percent of participants said the range of topics was highly relevant, and 64 percent reported that the workshop content was highly applicable to their areas of responsibility.

Based on these positive outcomes, the Secretariat is restarting the CoP in 2022 for the same and new participants from the 18 GPE KIX member states. This second stage of the CoP will follow up on the topics of the first community of practice that warrant deeper exploration and will include topics in which participants requested further capacity strengthening. Topics of study selected by the community of practice members include:

  • Mapping core competencies for students and developing competency-based curriculum
  • Implementing competency-based curriculum in secondary schools
  • The role of experiential learning in secondary schools
  • Integrating information and communications technology into competency-based curriculum
  • Classroom-based formative assessment for competency-based learning
  • Assuring quality in competency-based education through data generation and usage
  • Effectively strengthening teachers’ capacities in low-resource contexts
  • Implementing competency-based curriculum and approaches in teacher preparation, education, and professional development

The eight-session CoP will begin on Thursday, June 2nd and continue every Thursday until July 28th.