Building the Capacity of Teachers at Scale for Inclusive & Equitable Quality Education

February 17 2022 10:00 am - 11:30 am CET
Child reading
Credit: KIX EAP

The 11th KIX EAP Webinar will take place on 17 February 2022 at 10:00 AM (CET/Geneva) and will cover the topic of “Building the Capacity of Teachers at Scale for Inclusive and Equitable Quality Education”. The webinar is organized by NORRAG in partnership with the Teacher Professional Development at Scale (TPD@Scale) Coalition for the Global South. The webinar will be conducted in English with interpretation into Arabic and Russian.

About the webinar

Education policymakers around the world have responded to digital transformation and the changing demands for their nations’ workforce with curriculum and assessment reforms, policies to drive and support teaching and learning innovations, and initiatives to develop students’ digital competencies. For these reforms to be effective in enhancing inclusive and equitable quality education, the role of teachers is pivotal, and they must have the capacity to support these reform efforts; professional development of teachers then has to be an integral component of all education reforms. However, engaging all teachers in quality professional development that will build their capacity and transform their practices is a huge challenge, especially in the Global South.

This webinar draws upon the work done by the Teacher Professional Development at Scale (TPD@Scale) Coalition for the Global South to examine how the capacity of teachers could be built at scale for inclusive and equitable quality education. It first explains how TPD@Scale has been conceptualized based on research evidence from effective TPD and learning at scale. This conceptualization then drives the development of sustainable, inclusive, equity-focused, and large scale TPD programs at the national, provincial or district level. By studying these programs in different countries including the Philippines, Indonesia, and India, three key insights are discussed: (1) Design for scale, localize for inclusion; (2) Match technology choice with professional learning needs; and (3) Act, evaluate, improve. The case study of Uzbekistan will be shared to demonstrate how these three key insights and the TPD@Scale conceptualization have been adapted and localized to ensure the capacity building of teachers at scale.


Anyone is eligible to participate. The webinar is particularly aimed at policy makers, education stakeholders, officials, teachers, and academic researchers. To be able to access the webinar, you need to register in advance.